Monday, September 05, 2005

Who Am I Anyway?

Anonymous thinks he knows:

You are one of two things: clueless, or a lefty operative. My guess: did you get your George Soros check for this effort, or is it in the mail?

As for the first thing: I like to think I'm one of the sharper knives in the drawer. But don't take my word for it. Check the articles I wrote here, here, here, here, and here. (This one is also a sentimental favorite.) That should be more than enough to prove I can rub two words together to make a sentence.

As for the second thing: I will not accept one red cent for my efforts here. (And Lord knows, as a graduate student, I could use the money.) If George Soros or anyone else did send me a check in the mail, I'd endorse it and sign it right over to the Red Cross or one of the many reputable charities that will be on the front lines of rebuilding south Louisiana and Mississippi.

Still think I'm a "lefty operative"? Just this Saturday (on my home blog), I aimed a silver bullet at Michael Moore and the other moral vampires on the far left fringe. I don't like to curse on my blog, but I routinely use blue words to describe the likes of Atrios and Daily Kos -- hardly stuff to endear me to the crowd.

And just to be triply sure, see if you can guess which Democrats I gave the following nicknames (answers in the comments; you can search my home blog to check):

  • Charmbucket

  • Dr. No

  • Blowhard with a Vengeance

One more thing: I created this blog on my own time, with my own very meager resources (I'm not so deft with jpegs as you are about to find out). I have used my own name and my real e-mail address. If you're going to post comments, I ask that you extend the same courtesy.


Blogger BT said...

The nicknames belong to:

Charmbucket: Bill Clinton
Dr. No: Howard Dean
Blowhard with a Vengeance: John Kerry (when he speaks out after losing the 2004 election)

How many did you get right?

P.S. The Clinton explanation, like many details from later in his presidency, is for adults only. It's less obvious than the James Bond and Bruce Willis sequel references, so here's the link. (Skip down to the sixth paragraph.)

3:11 PM  

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