Thursday, September 08, 2005

Keep the Pressure On

So it could end up being a matter of months, not days, waiting for our president to show that he gets what didn't go right. No telling what FEMA, and Michael Brown in particular, will manage to bungle -- how many lives they will continue to disrupt or ruin under his "leadership" -- in the mean time.

As of today, I'm ceasing to issue daily calls to action. I've added a section to the right, called Keep the Pressure On. I'm hoping new visitors to the site will call President Bush and their senators (and you should, if you haven't already).

I am encouraging everyone, new and old visitors alike, to contact one friend or family member each day and ask them to call President Bush and tell him to fire Brown now. This is the best way to keep the pressure on and keep flooding the White House with new calls for accountability.

We may not be able to end politics as usual -- at least not before the next election. But we can make clear there are gonna be serious consequences for our elected officials if they try to avoid taking responsibility for their decisions -- and their failures.


Anonymous terry said...

a simple comment. i honestly believe this is a sign of the crumbling of america. we will move on, as did the roman empire, as well as other great civilization of the past. as our debate/concern/anger/dismay/justification,etc...., over what happened turns into an partisian attack america is drowning in stupidity. brown is not the firts and more than likely will not be the last unqualifieds hack to occupy a government position, be it a janitor at the post office or president of the united states which means , "we the people" are those who will suffer.

9:27 AM  

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